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Freelancer's struggle is real

Who has already started working as a freelancer or is currently thinking about it? Read and believe, especially in yourself. Always. Why is it so important? Let's find out.

I began freelancing which was my long-time dream two years ago. But starting with a blog was quite difficult therefore I've been just waiting for some kick to start writing publicly. And there wouldn't be a better time than now, sitting on a flight from Cebu to Hong Kong during our amazing travels through Asia with Tripscape, our project with my fiancé.

Starting a blog have been a little pain for me for a long time although I always wanted to write, dedicate articles to things I devote my time to, to work related issues and so on.

Stepping up towards the decision aka you know the best

Starting as a freelancer is not as easy as it seems and everyone who have at least tried freelance or already started know that those who say (and have a safe 9 to 5 job) have no idea how hard it is. Of course, you can work wherever you want, at what time you want and choose what to do, however, to start as a freelancer who wants to do a good work, have successful business clients, continuous work flow, business inquiries, deals, and positive references must have a goal, mission, plan, strategy and hell of a courage to complete it all.

That's the first part.

The second one is to write publicly - your opinions, professional expertise and engagement to be more visible letting public know about you. And that was the wall I came by being unable to jump over.

Get out of your comfort zone

I've already put together few articles which were thrown away because I just didn't like them. They seemed to be without any sparkle, special value added and nothing I could give to this society.

“Why do you care so much when you know that you never know when the success hits?”

Seeing people and fellow freelancers who are super awesome (or at least they seem to be) and fearless gave me a feeling I couldn't do it which is absolutely wrong, all wrong and we all know it very well. So why do you care so much when you know that you never know when the success and positive opinions hit and you will regret not starting sooner?

Some things just need time. When you feel you're still not ready, don't push it. Because if you really want it, you'll get it. But don't wait for so long and try to get out of your comfort zone. It might get a little bit harder from the very beginning but you are not the first, not even the last person who is just starting.

Good reasons to start

What was the reason to start freelancing, writing a blog and be more visible to public (finally)? Freedom, creativity, flexibility, responsibility.

Freedom to work by my own and to work remotely since I love traveling, meeting new people, exploring new cultures, finding inspiring places, learning new things - without distraction.

Creativity to be expanded and perspective as well as creative horizons to be broaden.

Flexibility to adjust to new business patterns, new challenges and to courage and push myself more towards success.

Responsibility for my own work and to convince myself I am able to provide reliable professional and creative services, and deliver quality work to every client.

“Read them out loud, think about them often, think of the ways to reach them.”

The best thing you can do is to write down the reasons why you want to start working by your own. Read them out loud, think about them often, think of the ways to reach them and try to act but do not hurry so much.

I did the same. Although it might have lasted such a pretty long time, I figured out I have to start moving forward, finally.

Looking from the window on the philippine islands gives me a clear sight where I want to be headed. And if there's still not a way, there's at least a goal I want to aim so as you.

What a feeling of putting together letters and words which were running from me in the past! So, now I'm getting hundreds of ideas for the next articles and the following one will be definitely devoted to beloved and always inspiring Asia.

Is there anyone who is just starting or have starting on his own and/or have been in the same fear zone? Feel free to comment or send me a feedback of how you have tackled the obstacles with starting your own freelance career, writing your own thoughts to the world. Looking forward to hearing them all!

Happy stepping out of the comfort zone!

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